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Your Best Life Now

Your Best Life Now


In searching for god, the spirit, purpose and hope. Your Best Life Now.


Elizabeth Parris

A new piece in the works inspired by Elizabeth Parris…..

Elizabeth Parris

Elizabeth Parris inspired

Hey Hot Shot!

Thanks Hey Hot Shot for naming me Honorable Mention.

I was listed as one of 17 Honorable Mentions by Hey Hot Shot for their first round 2011 contest. Check out their website.

Check out the new work I was selected for added to my website:


Sign of A Nomaly

Sign of A Nomaly

Pink elephants in Poland

I am up late editing photographs. Trying to get together a portfolio of images with old photographs and some new photographs. I found this one along the way. Haukur and I missed our flight from Berlin to Reykjavik and ended up taking a 10 hour bus ride into Poland to get back to Iceland. This was the first rest-stop we encountered. I will leave it at that.



This article from the New York Times is incredible. It really describes the face of the housing market in the US.

-2.8 million homes received foreclosure notices last year

-home prices have fallen from $500,000 to $150,000

-United States is expected to add another 100 million people by 2050

This opinion column really describes the state of America in the post real estate boom years. It is an interesting contrast to Iceland. Even though Iceland is going through something so similar, the real estate boom in Iceland almost felt like their efforts to catch up with modern day times. On the contrary Iceland won’t be able to fill their housing as quickly as in somewhere like the US. Americans reproduce at a much higher rate than Iceland.

on the front page of the daily paper

This is me on the front of the cover of the Free daily paper in Iceland called Frettabladid.  had no idea my photo was being taken and the article has nothing to do with me, however, there I am. I had just finished a fashion photo shoot and the people who own this nice shoe store had lent us shoes to photograph. I was merely returning some shoes from a shoot. The caption on the photo mentions Christmas shopping and I suppose it looked like I was shopping!

Me on the Cove

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