Photographers I LUV

Saturday June 13th, 2009

Tiina Itkonen


I just recently went to Greenland and when walking browsing art books at the local heritage museum, I came across Tiina Itkonen. Her work about Greenland is absolutely enthralling. Here is what she says:

´These memories take me back to Greenland. When I close my eyes I am in Greenland, and the silence is perfect. Blueish light dances across the snow; the icebergs glow turquoise. The silence is broken by a loud crack. An iceberg splits, creating new, smaller icebergs. There are no roads that I could take to get away. I follow my own paths. There are no trees: I can see the horizon far off in all directions. I am incapable of judging distances. I am not used to seeing this far.´

You can see more of her work on her gallerie´s website at:


Wednesday February 11th, 2009

Zoe Strauss


Zoe is a great photographer and a great person. She is able to use her wonderful, outgoing personality to charm any stranger into letting her take their picture, and she is amazing at capturing intimate and sometimes awkward moments with people. She is a non-stop worker and has epic amounts of work. I highly recommend following her blog. Right now she is in Alaska, and her images from there are outstanding.  Besides documenting the area and creating work about the place, she has set up a portrait studio. As you can see from the above picture, visitors were invited to come sit and have a portrait taken in a local gallery. A few days later, many were posted on her blog, and all of them were available for the sitters to pick up and take home.

I love when artists interact with their subjects, gets to know them and brings them into the process. Art should be enjoyed, and this is one exciting way for people to enjoy it.

Thank you Zoe for everything.

Disclosure: Zoe allowed me to be her faithful intern for a few months in Philadelphia in 2007. It was the best internship of my life and allowed me the awesome opportunity to meet the famous Zoe Srauss.


end of December 2008

Kristina Williamson

12/5/08 Here’s your pencil

Here's your pencil by Kristina Williamson

Kristina Williamson has a wonderful blog and great pictures. She is a Fulbright recipient, who photographed remote, small Greek islands, and she is now makes great drawings and photographs that go together so very well and have such a sweet and personal touch.


One response to “Photographers I LUV

  1. I can’t be any luckier to have had the #1 intern of all time… Julia Staples!

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