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Save the Date!

April 27th — It’s coming soon. Don’t wait to mark your calenders. I will premier the work I have made while in graduate school at Tyler School of art and I want you to be there!

April 27th
Temple Gallery
Tyler School of Art
2001 N 13th St
Philadelphia, PA



A new magazine has recently emerged onto the web and they are featuring my work. They are a quarterly online publication supporting student photographic media.

Have a look!

Here is what you get for Mind Body Spirit.


The following images I made in reference to the idea of Mind Body and Spirit. They are from my second semester of Grad School and are the first geletin silver prints I think I have made in ten years. It was a very fun process to work with film again. I have been trying to decide if I should go back to it. I love the various qualities of it including the fact that the images feel more unique, more precious and more like an object.

Mind Body Spirit Expo

Going to get Mind Body Spirited!

There’s a ghost in the room

Just submitted to Hey Hot Shot!

Julia Staples Photography

Orgone Box

With seven minutes to spare I got my submission in! Keep an eye out to see what happens….they have a great contest. I submitted 5 images from my new series. I am working on a website or at least a section on my website showing off this new work. I am looking to either totally revamp the look and feel of my website or to make a totally new website which will encompass only the new work. I am trying to launch it all before the summer ends and before I head back to school in the fall.

If you aren’t following Hey Hot Shot, I recommend that you do. The founder Jen Bekman has been actively helping emerging photographers for quite some time now. The contest has amazing prizes including the possibility of a show at Jen Bekman’s gallery and a chance at $10,000 and gallery representation. A great thing for a young photographer!


Submitting to the Regional SPE conference

Together with the Tyler MFA ladies, we are submitting a proposal for the regional SPE conference in Syracuse. We have worked hard on a really good and exciting topic and hopefully SPE will agree. Some of the participants who are scheduled include Mary Virginia Swanson, Darius Himes and Alec Soth–all people I look forward to seeing and hearing from.

Here are links to the Tyler Ladies–I am proud to be one of them: