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Your Best Life Now

Your Best Life Now


In searching for god, the spirit, purpose and hope. Your Best Life Now.


Elizabeth Parris

A new piece in the works inspired by¬†Elizabeth Parris…..

Elizabeth Parris

Elizabeth Parris inspired


Come come come on to Open Studios. I will be showing off my exciting new work thus Thursday night. I can’t wait to see you there.

Tyler School of Art
Temple University
2001 N 13th St (entrance on Norris between 12th and 13th)
Philadelphia, PA
find me in the basement of the building in the Photography Department
questions: 267-206-6118 or

Hey Hot Shot!

Thanks Hey Hot Shot for naming me Honorable Mention.

I was listed as one of 17 Honorable Mentions by Hey Hot Shot for their first round 2011 contest. Check out their website.

Check out the new work I was selected for added to my website:

Sign of A Nomaly

Sign of A Nomaly

Iceland! Iceland! Iceland!


Volcano Ash Covers Southern Iceland

The farmers in Southern Iceland are struggling with what to do next. Do they clean up the mess just to turn around and have another eruption? or do they wait it out for the next eruption and then clean up? Here are some images from a trip I made on Tuesday to see the ash covered farms and fields. You can see more and read more at the Grapevine who has been updating about the Volcano – Eyjafjallaj√∂kull –almost daily.

Pink elephants in Poland

I am up late editing photographs. Trying to get together a portfolio of images with old photographs and some new photographs. I found this one along the way. Haukur and I missed our flight from Berlin to Reykjavik and ended up taking a 10 hour bus ride into Poland to get back to Iceland. This was the first rest-stop we encountered. I will leave it at that.