No Man’s Land

Opening on Friday October 9th, 2009 at the Lost Horse Gallery 6-9pm.

The show has finally arrived, well almost. I am still running around like a mad woman trying to get ready. Please come celebrate and see what we have been working on. I will be showing buildings from Keflavik and Lana Vogestad will be showing a video installation titled Smoke Signals.

I am busy trying to get all of the colors correct on these images so they match ok. I never realized how much work that could be. Just getting them so the skies match and the asphalt isn’t totally different colors. It is much harder working on a computer to do this than in the darkroom. You can’t just post all of the photographs on the wall and adjust accordingly. Well, I suppose the darkroom might take longer with the processor waiting time.


You can see more imagery here from Julia or Lana and more information about the gallery by visiting their websites:

Lost Horse Gallery :
Julia Staples :
Lana Vogestad :


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