Editing while in Tallinn

Lana Vogestad and I are having a show at the Lost Horse Gallery in the beginning of October. I have been photographing the American Base for an installation I would like to show. I want to show the eerie quality of the place. How it feels abandoned and how it looks so alienating. The structures look very utilitarian and totally stiff. It is my goal to present these images in a way where the viewer also experiences that. At this moment I am struggling with form. I want all of the forms to be the same. It would fullfill all of my dreams if I could capture every building in the same light and at the same angle. So far, that has been difficult. I also don’t like getting cars in the shots and that is sometimes hard to avoid since it is not totally abandoned.

Here are 2 shots that clearly show the aesthetic I am going for.




2 responses to “Editing while in Tallinn

  1. Looks like all of military housing I bounced around during my time in the Air Force. The US bases didn’t have any color.

  2. Hey julia. Would love to see this. really seems interesting! perhaps if it’s still up in desember πŸ˜‰ InglaLoca πŸ™‚

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