You Gotta Play it to Win

I have been forever working on a project–getting rich quick. It started when I was a kid and wanted to sell products door to door. I think the first thing I did was sell stationary from a catalog. I would get $1 for every box of stationary I sold. It was a sales scheme marketed to kids for them to go to their friends and family and solicit a catalog full of stuff to adults. The adults would feel guilty and purchase something from the kid. I was obsessed. I hope those adults don´t mind me for that.

I also was really into Publishers Clearing House. I was very hopeful of what they had in store for me. They “change people’s lives” and I loved to dream about how they would change mine.

So in tune with that, I started a photography project a few years back. I photographed myself taking part in tasks deemed necessary to be a “one minute millionaire” and also put myself in the situation of waiting for Publisher’s Clearing House. Afterall, they did say they were on the way to my house.

Here is a photograph from that series.

winning is everything


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