I have been shooting photographs of my home for the past 4-5 years. I have many homes, but these photographs are form the neighborhood where I grew up. I have been wanting to do something that felt more intimate to me and also more pretty, and I think this is my dance to be pretty. I have enjoyed the photographs which are pretty the most. I have shot mostly 35 mm digital, but now I have taken out and dusted off the 4 x 5 camera. It is so much fun to use a 4 x 5 because they are so large and you have to be so careful with each frame that you shoot. It costs a lot, so each image is very important, it is also time consuming, so you want to make sure each image is perfectly framed. I haven’t used it for a while in an effort to get back to shooting more freely. However, I feel like the 4×5 definatley makes me think about each image more. Sometimes I find myeslf not even really looking through the lens of the 35mm.

So here are some of the digital photographs I took. I probably won’t be able to scan the 4×5 negatives for at least one week.


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