Made it to Sweden


It has been a while since I posted anything. I have been taking Icelandic Class exams, working too much, going to too many family functions, but now I am back and I am in Sweden. I am in Stockholm for 10 days thanks to a Kultural Kontakt Mobility Grant. They sent me here to find new insiration for my work and to check out the art and gallery scene. So far I have almost seen every contemporary art gallery. I am going to check out a few more today.

In Stockholm, they have the opposite problem of Reykjavik in terms of housing. I have learned that they have a housing shortage, and any and all building is a good thing and not some need to satisfy the American Dream where everyone has a large single family luxury house. It has been a struggle for Stockholm to keep up with providing enough housing for everyone. I am still learning about this, so if anyone has any thoughts, send them my way.

I don´t have many photographs yet, but I would like to share this one of a miniature gold course which was built between 2 apartment buildings. Free miniature golf for all residents! Do they list that on the for rent or for sale advertisement?


So, I am here visiting strange neighborhoods and looking at how people live, seeing artists, meeting artists and trying to figure out what will inspire me. I am going to check out some neighborhoods where many immigrants live. I think that should be interesting. Like Breidholt in Iceland, the differences in place could be very sublte. We´ll see.

Send me your thoughts. I would love it.


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