My cat ate my Easter Egg

In Iceland there is a very different tradition for Easter than in America. Instead of Easter baskets filled with candy delivered by the magical Easter Bunny, your parents hide a large chocolate egg filled with candy. Every single kid gets an Easter Egg and they are all very similar. The only thing that matters is the size of your egg. And the sizes range from 1-10 I think. From what I understand it is important above the age of maybe 6 to have gotten at least a size 7. Otherwise, it is unclear if your parents love you! There is no deviation from this Chocolate Egg. Nobody makes their own and it doesn´t seem to matter which brand you buy. I did find a few candy shops that made a luxury brand, but I never heard anyone mention that they would rather have that brand. So, here is the egg given to me. You can see from the picture after what my cat thought of the egg.


3 responses to “My cat ate my Easter Egg

  1. do I get to take that kitty home with me as a sort of visiting present?

  2. This sure beats the Easter eggs BeBe used to get. The “fanfare” definitely matches the celebratory nature of the culture. Quite creative too. This is only outdone by the humongous hydrangea that now adorns the porch, while I restudy the soil conditions and pH necessary to keep it going, instead of worrying about whether it turns purple or stays pink. Tis a beaut, and you move into “SUMMER”!!! Yeah…….

  3. hahahaha— I love your cat! Adorable!

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