All is calm–until next week

I just gave a lecture at the Nordic House on photography and musicians. It was my first lecture to musicians. I am usually photographing them, not telling them how to run their lives. It made me think a lot about how valuable and powerful images are. I especially enjoyed thinking about how KISS has created a name and an image for themselves. I doubt they feel comfortable going out in public without their crazy comic character make-up. Whether you are an artist, a plastic surgeon, a musician, a scientist or a baker, your presentation is everything. The better your presentation, and the more consistently you deliver your presentation, the better people are going to know you, what you do, and what you represent.

In other news:

1. I just submitted a grant report to travel to Estonia which would be amazing. Estonia seems like it is beautiful, and I never hear about people´s trips to Estonia like I do Italy

2. I have to start my first novel in Icelandic. It is really long, and I am really scared to even look at the first page

3. The Nordic House show closes on the 8th of March, but don´t despair, you can travel to Pittsburgh to catch my work at the museum called Silver Eye Center for photography. The show opens on the 18th of March and it would be great if you are able to get out and make it.

4. Next week are some more grant applications due and I have exams at the end of April for Icelandic, and I am trying to write a proposal for a book. I am super happy to be so busy for such great reasons, but also totally overwhelmed, mostly about the Icelandic novel!

5. Did mention that Iceland has a new Prime Minister. A woman no less, and a lesbian even more.

Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir, here is her picture:


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