Malin Stahl performs at the Nordic House

I Always Wanted to Wear White

-Let’s meet for a drink and a smoke, the White Canary analyzes the situation

Nordic House, Friday 27th of February 7-11pm. Performance at 7:30.

Come hear Malin talk about the art at the Nordic House and listen to her give some advice on how to run the government. Malin Stahl is a friend who I met the first time I came to Iceland in 2003. She did her undergraduate art studies at the art school of Reykjavik. She later went to London to do her MFA. Now she does art and performance all over Europe. She will be gracing us with her presence on Friday the 27th at 7:30. Come to the Nordic House to see her in action.



Here is what Malin says about her work:
My practice embraces a cross-disciplinary approach which includes
performance, writing, drawing, photography and most predominantly video
installation. In subject-matter I engage in womanhood and gender
examinations as well as the visual expression and structures of theatrical
performance. Adding disparate elements together when creating feminine and
cross-gender personas constitutes attempts at finding system in a chaotic
disorder of references, relationships and media.

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