Happy Reviews and Longing for Jobs

On a really happy note, my friend Kristina Williamson just got a great review about her show. Read it and check out her amazing website.


So in news from Iceland, there have been around 3,000 people laid off. Remember that there are only 300,000 people in this small country. That is a huge number and everyone is worried about losing their jobs. It is really strange times here, especially for the natives. On the one hand it felt like Iceland was catching up with the wealthy nations of the world. There is a great article about how Iceland was in the same position as Ghana about a century ago and they have, in only one century, been able to catch up to 1st world economics. So now it seems that Iceland caught up too quickly for its own good and did not take proper care resulting in a total economic crash.

I went to a few Sunday protests and was completely disappointed with the turnout. There was maybe 700 people gathered in the central town square and people were singing hippy country songs and yelling about the situation. Why aren’t they doing more poignant protests. Where is Martin Luther King Jr. when you need him?! I did interviews with random people for BBC Radio and asked what people were feeling and what they think should be done. Everyone wants an election and everyone wants new government. Well, we should be finding a way to push for that. This peaceful protesting is like a happy social activity–like a nice family outing.

This picture is my contribution. It reminds me of the calm before the storm. When people had more money than they should have….



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