Goodbye Stadarskali-Home of the Hamburger

Goodbye to our good friend Stadarskali. It has been operating as a truck stop and gas station since 1960. They were the first restaurant/diner in Iceland to offer hamburgers. Today, as of September 15th, they are being bought by Esso (which is called N-1 in Icleand) whose plans are to have a standard, sterile and impersonal bus stop/gas station. the Grapevine Magazine will be publishing an article honoring their 48ish years . Slowly N-1/Esso is taking over all of the very personable and family run bus stops here in Iceland to replace them with their ugly, sterile, fast food gas station alternatives.

One response to “Goodbye Stadarskali-Home of the Hamburger

  1. I am quite sad about this. I had a bacon cheeseburger for lunch today at AJ’s in West Warwick, Rhode Island. It was good and the burger was star shaped.

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