The Abandoned American Air-Navy Base in Iceland


25 responses to “The Abandoned American Air-Navy Base in Iceland

  1. I left my comment in the wrong place…see comment about Navy base below.

  2. Wow, this all reminds me of the panalac villages you would see in Czech Republic when I was there in the mid 90’s. Quite desolate and depressing buildings. I love seeing all of the different types of Islandic neighborhoods – and the beautiful scenery and land! Love you!

  3. Hi! How did you get these pictures? I would love to see that base again,.. although I understand it’s not ever gonna be the same!

  4. This is so sad.
    I grew up on this base, went to the A.T. Mahan Elementary.

    I wish I had more pictures of it.

    These were the barracks for single enlisted people, by the dining hall.


  5. I spent three years there as a DT3 in the Navy. It was a great base and great experience. Why did they close it down?

  6. Oh man…this…this takes me way back.
    I miss Iceland so much I can’t believe they got rid of the military base
    I also attended A.T. Mahan Elementary school

    So now I am in college and doing a report on the best life experience eI’ve ever had, and of course, I am writing a paper on this.

  7. This brings me back too! I was there for school too AT Mahan…where you had to walk across the street for swim team and on the way back your hair would freeze solid. – loved it and would love to go back anytime!

  8. I lived in one of those barracks for 6 months in 1984! Wow, the memories….

  9. I was wondering when did the navy pull out id love to see more photos where can i find them and is there any whay to find people i was stationd with 1974 to 1976

  10. The stories I could tell of what went on in those barracks during white-outs. I was very fond of Iceland, especially the fun I had on my trips into Reykjavik.

  11. Judy Alexander

    You wouldn’t believe I lived in family housing at
    KAFB mid-50’s. My dad was Maj Charles Alexander, mom Mary, sibs: Marilyn, Bryan,
    Jenny & Libby. It was quite a place to live!

  12. I also attended A.T. Mahan Elementary. This makes me so nostalgic. Too bad more military kids wont get this great experience

  13. I lived on this base in one of these buildings (I think the building in the first photo, it’s hard to tell. My building was right next to the Privateers Pub.) from 2002-2004. it was probably the best time I ever had. I loved Iceland. I plan to return someday.

  14. Wow-I was stationed in Keflavik in 1984-85 at the Marine Corps Barracks. I had a damn good time at the enlisted club “The Top of the Rock”…ahhh, memories….

  15. wow… i stayed in some of these!!!!

  16. I look at all the military bases that are abandon and rotting away why can’t the government rent these houses to people in the area and turn the barracks into single apartments and recoupe some of our money it’s just such a terrible waste.

  17. Donnann (Dillard) Bailey

    I lived in navy housing, 1075 F….. In the 60’s….went to A.T. Mahan Elementary! Good memories!

  18. harry mitchell s/msgt retired i ran the alert hanger 1966 & 1967 F 102 ac had to launch on rusian ac almost daily then transfered to vn for back toback tour for 2years retired from neveda site ==== ==

  19. Thank you for posting pics of a place that meant so much to both me and my husband. We were both stationed there from 1995-1997 (well, he left in 96– we were just friends at the time). To this day some of the very best friends I’ve ever made I made while stationed there–& we are all over the globe now, and are still friends :). We were so very sorry it closed down.

    Thanks for the great pics of an awesome place chock full of great memories!!!

  20. I was in the Marine Barracks (starboard side) in 1987-88! Had a great time at the MAR BAR and of course the ROCK! Trips to Kef and the EUROPA Dance Club in Reykavik were well, lets just say….very educational!! Too bad the base is shut down. Just a cool experience, right BINKY?

  21. L. Dudley RM1, stationed there Oct 61 to Oct 62 and then Sept 68 to Sept 70. Lots of good memories.

  22. I lived there as a child from 81-85 as my father was in the navy. Bt1 garrahan. Him and my mom also ran the rod and gun club. I can remember like it was yesterday. I would be interested in anyone reaching back if they recall bt1 garrahan.

  23. Wow, I was stationed their in1992. USAF Security Police!!!

  24. I also lived in one of these from 1993-1995 and attended A.T. Mahan. Thanks for posting these photos. It brings me way back!

  25. I remember living here! My dad was stationed here from 90-93 before he retired, and to this day I have some of the best childhood memories of my life. And I think I also went to the elementary school too; Mrs. Sparrow ring any bells?

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