Calling all Developers…

the edge of town

the edge of town

This is what the edge of most towns look like in Reykjavik. They drop off to the beautiful rolling hills. It seems funny that people build and live so close to one another when there is so much land. On the other hand, it makes using the resources less wasteful I think.

2 responses to “Calling all Developers…

  1. i love the work that you have presented to the public made in Iceland !! poetic

  2. What a great project, Julia!

    The south, west, and southwest suburbs of Denver, around the time I thankfully escaped them in 1997, were among the most rapidly developing areas in the U.S. And it looked just like this. (I haven’t been back in many years, so I don’t know how it all looks now…) Row after row of houses made of ticky-tacky, and then nothing, just open space. So weird. As ugly as all that construction was, it looked all the uglier right next to the “unspoiled nature” –to use the phrase the Icelandic tourist industry seems to like.

    Of course, what we had in Colorado that we don’t have in Iceland are: black bears, mountain lions, an enormous deer population, etc etc… and I know that doesn’t just go for Colorado. Icelanders don’t have the same animal reminders that they’re developing “somebody else’s” land.

    I miss the critters! What I wouldn’t give to see a skunk ambling through the back yard. But these days in Iceland, I guess we’re more likely to see walruses.

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