The opposite of Iceland

This is incredible. Reykjavik’s temperatures almost reached 80F or 30C! For Iceland this is unbelievable and also really enjoyable. So what does everyone do when that happens–they go to the beach! Iceland has an imported beach where they heat the ocean and import white sand. It probably only sees this much traffic 3-5 times/summer. One thing I noticed is that not everyone knew how to behave at the beach. Some folks were running around in the sand and the water in their socks! There was also a lack of intense sand castles. I suppose if Iceland starts getting warm all of the time, Icelanders will learn to behave more appropriately at the beach. Here is a picture for you.

There is a beach in Iceland

There is a beach in Iceland


3 responses to “The opposite of Iceland

  1. andothersuchthings

    Julia this is a great idea! feel free to add mine to your list, I’m gonna put your link on mine…
    Miss you…

  2. Julia! This is great! Are you back in Iceland, then? So curious to know what you’re up to. And I totally want a print!

  3. cynthia spence

    Hey Julia
    Really enjoying this. Was in Iceland last summer. Am sending your link to some nationals there. Was a little concerned about your beach editorial, though. Not sure all viewers will get your tongue-in-cheek. “Icelanders will learn to behave more appropriately at the beach” is touchy, not necessarily ‘cheeky’. I’ll bet that by following the ET edict by liberally using single quotes you’ll avoid any misunderstandings… Looking forward to seeing more.

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