The Beginning of the Project; ie. Why I am in Iceland

I have decided I am going to use this blog as a journal for my self as well as a forum to share with others what I am doing while in Iceland. Furthermore, I am going to start discussing the project I am currently working on from April and slowly move up to where I am now.

Some background on this project:
My initial thoughts after living in Iceland for one year and visiting regularly thereafter were that there was an unusual amount of new construction for such a small place. There were cranes everywhere on the horizon and new neighborhoods being built as if there was a massive housing shortage. This led me to explore the following:
1. was there a growth in the population
2. was there a sudden growth in the economy leading everyone to run out to buy brand new luxury houses
3. who is going to live in these places and who is going to afford them

I also am trying to figure out the following:
Iceland is such a tight community built on the fact that everyone knows one another and is something like 6 generations apart from the person they are standing next to. So how do new communities that spread everyone apart and bring together mixes of new people effect community? Will these new communities bring people together in a new way?

I have also been exploring some neighborhoods that were built new a few decades ago to see how these neighborhoods have grown, come together or deteriorate.

So another question is does a neighborhood effect its community and does the way it is built effect that community?

$560,000 view

$560,000 view (45 million isk)


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